Selected Highlights from Por Cristo History

Por Cristo's Historical Highlights

September 1979:  Pope John Paul II visits Boston during which he challenges the people of the Archdiocese to share of their good fortune with others, particularly the people of Latin America

May 1980:  First medical team, specializing in maxillofacial surgery, visits Guayaquil, Ecuador

1982-1989:  Variety of medical teams specializing in orthopedics, rehabilitation, burn care, cardiology, and other disciplines established

May 1986:  Exploratory mission to Bolivia and Peru

August 1986:  First medical mission to Bolivia

July 1989: First pediatric cardiology mission to Guayaquil

June 1994: Nutrition Project begun in Isla Trinitaria section of Guayaquil

October 1994:  First pediatric cardiology mission to Quito

November 1996: Por Cristo Nutrition Center opens in Isla Trinitaria

July 1999:  First visit to Dominican Republic

December 2000:  Establishment of Community Health/Tuberculosis Project in Jaime Rolos section of Quito

2005-present:  Dentistry Unit opened at Por Cristo Nutrition and Health Center which includes in-clinic services and outreach school fluoride component, which reaches more than 3000 schoolchildren.

April 2006:  Girls Self Esteem Initiative begins at Juan Martin Moye School and is aimed at helping young girls make healthy lifestyle choices and deal with the many challenges they face

2006-2010:  Por Cristo Nutrition and Health Center is one of 10 clinics in Guayaquil to participate in the REDIMA/CARE International UNIVIDA Project for HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and detection (in cooperation with the Archdiocese of Guayaquil and the European Union).

October 2009:  Por Cristo Pediatric Cardiology Team marks its 20th anniversary of missions to Ecuador.

March 2018: Por Cristo Board Member Ray Dunn

We at Por Cristo were deeply saddened by the death of longtime Board of Trustees member, Ray Dunn. Ray's impact on Por Cristo, through his many years of involvement dating back to 2004, cannot be overstated. He was an active, interested, informed member of the Board who always had the organization's best interests in mind. Ray brought a tremendous sense of caring along with wisdom and strategic thinking developed over his lifetime to every subject we discussed. He was always a leading financial supporter of our work. For the past three years, Ray has served as Vice Chair of the Board. As with all our Board members, Ray's sole objective was working to carry out the mission of Por Cristo in improving the health and well-being of poor children and their families. We offer our prayers and condolences to Ray's wife, Kelly, and all his family, along with our never-ending gratitude. Following is the obituary which appeared in the March 9, 2018 edition of the Boston Globe:

To make contributions to Por Cristo in Ray's memory, please click here. Those making gifts, please enter Ray's name under "special instructions to the seller" on our donation page or email letting us know that this gift is made in Ray's memory. Thank you.