Ecuador Devastated by 7.8 Earthquake

Ecuador was struck on the night of April 16 by a powerful earthquake centered just off its coastline. 659 deaths have been reported so far with another 4,600 injured. Significant destruction was widespread with numerous building and road collapses.

All Por Cristo staff have been accounted for and are safe and unharmed. The Por Cristo Nutrition and Health Center in the Isla Trinitaria section of Guayaquil experienced loss of electrical power (since restored) but appears to be undamaged.

Por Cristo has been active in Ecuador since 1980 providing care to people in need. We will join together with our partners and friends in the country in offering any assistance we can, be it personnel, material donations or financial support. The Ecuadorian people are a resilient lot and we know that with the help and prayers of those both within and outside the country, they will get through these very difficult days.

If you would like to support Por Cristo's efforts to respond to the needs of earthquake victims and survivors, please go to our donation page. Thank you.