"Why I Give" 

Diane Kaneb and her family have been long-time supporters of Por Cristo's work. We are grateful to Diane who shared a personal story of her family’s trip several years ago to Ecuador where they saw Por Cristo in action. Through the words of her son Luke, she described their visit to a home in Jaime Roldos, in the hills at the edge of Quito. “On our final home visit, we find seven-year-old Jefferson, who looks like a younger twin of myself. I see both fear and maturity in his haunting wide brown eyes: eyes hidden by the same straight black hair that hangs over my eyes.  Jefferson examines my family while he tells the healthcare worker, who translates, that Jefferson’s mother, who suffers from tuberculosis, is out selling cigarettes to support her family. Like a guard, Jefferson stands in front of his house while a baby cries inside. The healthcare worker informs us he alone cares for his six-month-old sister. She then persuades Jefferson to let her check on the health of the baby. When she comes back speaking in Spanish, everyone goes through their bags for food to give to Jefferson and his starving sister.”

We are grateful to Luke for expressing these very real and personal thoughts, and to his Mom for sharing them with us. They capture the essence of Por Cristo’s mission, as well as the desire we all share to help those in need. Working together, we can all make a difference.  The community outreach nurse continued her regular visits to treat the mother, but also to provide support and monitor their welfare of the mother and her two children.